People used to laugh at me, when I said I wanted to change the world, when I grew up. They didn't laugh in a mean way, but because they thought I was cute. And naiv. Oh so naiv. They would say things like: "That's not a job, sweetheart" or "how nice of you to want to do that, but you can't. Noone can." Today I know that the 5-year old girl I was at the time was so much smarter than all of these adults. Of course I can change the world! Everyone can! And that's the beauty of change.

With every piece of clothes, every candle, every creme you buy that was made with respect for human life, nature, animals, well basically the whole eco system you ARE making a difference. You are not only supporting real people live real healthier and happier lives, you are also changing the way the big companies have just been doing what ever they want, because people just bought what they made and didn't ask any questions. Every day, YOU and I, we are changing the world.

So what you will find here are products that are produced in a better way for us and the planet. Shop and change the world, sweethearts!

- Inez, founder of miwai, lover of beauty, binge meditator and caretaker of two souls